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Get Legal Help with a Professional Lawyer in Emporia, VA
Get Legal Help with a Professional Lawyer in Emporia, VA

Virginia Traffic offense attorneys Novey & Tomko provide aggressive traffic violation defense affordably. Steve Novey and Edward Tomko were born and raised in Southside Virginia. They understand the local law and take great pride in achieving the best possible results for their clients. Our office is located in Prince George, Virginia and we currently serve the communities of:

  • Chesterfield County
  • City of Colonial Heights
  • Dinwiddie County
  • City of Emporia
  • Greensville County
  • City of Hopewell
  • City of Petersburg
  • Prince George County
  • Southampton County
  • Sussex County

We provide our clients with the care, accuracy and dedication expected of seasoned attorneys.  Preparing clients with the most viable and practical legal representation possible, at affordable rates is our goal and guarantee.

Combined legal experience of nearly three decades has taught us that each case is unique and requires individual attention. In Southside Virginia, the Judges who routinely hear traffic cases are generally interested in certain details about our clients. These include:

Willingness to attend a driver improvement course.
Service to County (i.e., military service)
Willingness to perform community service (i.e., volunteer work)
Whether you maintain steady employment.
Debilitating medical issues; and, in appropriate circumstances,
The reason for excessive speed.
When you contact our office please let us know if any of these apply to you. While we do our best to prevent the additional expense of travel, it is sometimes unavoidable. When speeds exceed certain levels, your appearance in Court will likely be necessary.

At Novey and Tomko, we take time to understand your unique situation, keeping in mind the Judge who will decide your case and your desired outcome.

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